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Social Studies / Science / Math Resources

I don't specifically focus on other content areas as my main focus is reading and writing. However, they are important and finding fun resources can be difficult. And you can incorporate any number of reading and writing activities 😉 Brain Pop - Awesome short videos for elementary students about various topics. It's a paid subscription,… Continue reading Social Studies / Science / Math Resources

Writing Support

Mama Pedagogue

I'm super excited to announce that I'm starting a new blog that focuses specifically on helping moms teach their children! Whether you're officially a teacher-mom who homeschools, or send your kids to either public or private school, or you have little ones who you're teaching to potty train (solidarity!) I believe that YOU are your… Continue reading Mama Pedagogue


Writing for Beginners: Letter Formation

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a student (who DOESN'T want to write) to write. How can we mitigate the problem and make writing more enjoyable? This post is specifically about handwriting and beginning writing for younger students. This isn't necessarily for older students, or those who are past the basic writing skills. But primarily… Continue reading Writing for Beginners: Letter Formation