Writing Support


Quarantine got you going crazy?

How’s sending your kids to school next year with a mask, 6-foot distancing, and a bag of lysol?

It doesn’t sound pretty.

Have you been considering homeschooling, but not really sure if you can commit, how to start, or if you really even want to?

I have been working on a brand new eBook to help you! I’m super excited about it! It will include everything you need to feel confident about embracing homeschooling. Whether it’s for a few months (summertime until they figure out what they’re doing in the schools), just next year, or if you realize you love it and want to continue!

You don’t have to overcomplicate the process. And I want to help you get started!

Stay tuned for more information and a chance to get a sneak peek at my new book!

I am looking forward to encouraging you in this amazing journey!!