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Why Online Writing?

Our society is becoming increasingly online-based. I remember not 10 years ago it was so cool to look something up on my new blackberry smartphone – now it’s annoying if a business doesn’t have a website and it takes longer than one minute to look anything up!

Likewise, our students are increasingly required to be able to gather information from online sources and type it up. In state tests, starting in third grade, many students must read two articles, watch a video, and be able to write an essay on those three sources of information.


Are your children prepared for that? (I’m not arguing whether that’s developmentally appropriate, I’m asking if they are able to navigate the online and virtual world successfully. Developmental appropriateness is a whole other conversation!)

This is the world we live in, and whatever our views, our children need to be prepared.

That said, however, there is a balance! I do feel that it is completely inappropriate to require and expect a kindergartner learn to read and write online. Same goes for older children.

That is why I created this website and the online writing courses to help parents teach their children!

I want to be able to help your child be a stronger writer, and I want to give you the resources and support you need to accomplish that!

I could sit here and teach your child through video and have them type their responses using Google docs; but for young children, that would not be in their best interests. I feel younger children, especially, need to uses paper and pencil to help them learn best!

Through this website and my online writing courses, I will show you, step-by-step, how to teach your child at home. I can also provide more support and guidance as needed to ensure they are learning and growing – all from the comfort of your home and in a much more developmentally appropriate way!

But we also need to address the growing need for older children to be able to read online sources and type up their responses, which is why I also offer online tutoring for older students!

It’s the best of both world – I support parents to teach their young children writing. Then as the child grows and is able to transfer those skills to the computer, I can begin to tutor them and help improve their writing online.

Hope you’ll join me on this writing adventure!

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